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 The City of Sydney

 If you wish to support Gamarada in any way, please contact Ken Zulumovski
( kenzulumovski@yahoo.com.au)

We really appreciate any contribution, large or small!


(in alphabetical order)

Albert Torrens, Aboriginal Client Services office, Probation and Parole

“This is a much needed program to build them up so they can begin to start to enjoy life, mixing with other strong men. A way of re-nurturing and making them feel like people again”

Alison Churchill, CEO of community restorative centre.

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Aunty Lorraine Peters, Managing Director of Winangali-Maramali

“… The healing process for men needs to take place, and it is crucial that this program be supported in every way. I would like to congratulate all of those who had the vision to put this wonderful program together, you are all strong role models in the community…”

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Judge Chris Geraghty, district court judge


Choc (Anthony) Mundine, pictured left. 




Colin Stokes, Co-ordinator of Glebe Youth Centre

“Fellas, this looks great. I look forward to being part of it with my lads”

 Professor Eileen Baldry, Associate Dean (Education), University of New South Wales.

“Hearing the stories of Gamarada graduates it’s clear that a special strength of heart and mind has taken hold of the men involved”

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 Professor Judy Atkinson, Southern Cross University

 Justin Hutchinson, Senior solicitor Legal Aid, Counselor of the Law Society

 Marcelle Hoff, Deputy Lord Mayor of the city of Sydney.

“I wholeheartedly support this process of Aboriginal men doing what they need to do, to lead. This is  way to share how to develop as teachers that will respect their elders”

 Marie Bashir, Governor of NSW.

“…would you please convey my best wishes and congratulations to all the men involved in this creative and positive journey, from which so many individuals will benefit”

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 Mark Spinks, Chairperson of Babana, Aboriginal Men’s group.

 Mickey Mundine, CEO Aboriginal Housing co-operative.

 Patrick Dodson, former Chairman of the council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, former Commissioner into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, & winner of the Sydney Peace Prize (2008).

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 Ray Minniecon, Yabun Person of the year (2008) and previous pastor of ‘The Crossroads’, and official patron of our group

 Shane Phillips, CEO Tribal Warrior Association, member of Kevin Rudd’s 2020 conference, and Gamarada graduate.

I thought this sort of stuff was not for me and was skeptical at first. However I enjoyed program, learnt lots, and realise how what we are trying to create has the ability to assist people with a lot of their own self healing and to take control back of their own lives and emotions.”